Sam Witt

As ‘My’ as ‘Grace’ as ‘Forthee’ as ‘Fear

                                     As rising. Fell: as Dystap. Fell: as rose.
                                                        Into the Byss of after I fell:

                                                                                     Dissolved into dyspyoulate clarity
                                                                             Radiates from these filthy pages I fall
                                                          Eat tissue of my good eye everywhere dissip ate:

                           As carved out they take my heart & eht
Sabach-tha’ni?: that replace the sabbach day in each second with sound
                   A collapsed, flaccid cavity, where it’was,
                                                      La’ma: as a body touched by sound
       E-loi, He sed     —     E-loi     —     hesed     —     She
In its hands bears a shining, human heart:                                           Shun
Go logo tha that     Debleach me into a black                                       Radia
                   Undertendonofpage / Heat / When Hetear   me   away.
                               He listen.                                                      That separate the daytime night.

         A sight that bleached me                            ( No )                    In my heart, & through my mouth,

  Such as no one joined to me ( As no—                                            Wasborn )      as           as

Born from above I ( Speak—                                          SynopticI )   Shorn.orn.oflintels

                                                                       & sit, radiason, in this wooden chair of underbeams.
                                                   Father, cries, Son, cries: the same: cries: Ask your fear, speck.
          A human voice in ( I’m found—) this page
Beneath my flesh sub born current through another day—
   Sang ‘Music’& ‘Radiation’ Sings ‘Of’                                         Imember.
          I remember 3 days of rain.
                    Tips my earlobes in a brief, solarplexal breeze, lifeless, Friend, it happened.
                                         In my chest, as specks of me suspire, & my pinkie lifts.
                                                           Ask your light that publicks my darkin, everything.
                                                               In the dark, in the 2:40 pm dark, I aspire to lift.
                                       Then, now, in this particular that engulphs all, englyphs all I sing,
                                               Black pupa of this particulate shape in time, licks my forearm, here—
                 In the public light of my left hand, friend, darkens everything.


Thermal Signatures


Thermal Signatures (#1)

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