Dean Young

Roller Coaster

  (after Marleaux)

The leg braces on the stuffed bunny
didn't help it hop but they sure
scared people. The blizzard was not
a bit tired crouching over the flint.
The man who invented the roller coaster
wasn't angry but he couldn't bring
anyone back from the dead especially
himself. The six arms just wouldn't fit
into one jacket. Everything crashes to earth
said Yvette, roe link uppers tock tock tock—
he adjusted the shutter speed—
rolling up her stockings. How did God
manage to hide eternity in such obvious
places? A grape, a girder, the spoon
in the back of the knee. Copper wire
wound into a motor. Try pulling yourself
through a silk knot of yourself voila
and you'll see. Go ahead, try.
What's brighter than magnesium ignited?
Like the fox, he started with questions.
How did you get here? Are you hurt?
How many fingers am I holding up?
How big was the pawprint?
How do you recognize your love?
How can you be sure it wasn't a trick?
Didn't you smell the acetate?
How were you found? You were in the area,
weren't you? What did it look like
hovering there?

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