EPR #8
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Wilson Baldridge

Michel Deguy: Translations
Object Complements (December) // A Question for the Poem // Recumbents // On the Secret // Our Dwelling // That Which Assembles Prepares Resemblance // The Hopscotch Principle // To be free... // An die Musik // Letter to Gérard Bucher regarding On the Vision and the Riddle

Don Bogen Decisions
Alfred Corn Solvents
Del Ray Cross from The Postcard Poems
Rob Dennis Nine Lines for the Dead Cat on Bellevue Way
Michel Deguy

Compléments d’objets (décembre) // Une question au poème // Gisants // Du secret // Notre demeure // Ce qui assemble prépare la ressemblance // Le principe de la marelle // Être Libre...// An die Musik// Letter to Gérard Bucher regarding On the Vision and the Riddle

Shira Dentz Leaf Weather
Ben Doyle What is the opposite of civilization // The great fig // I have too many scarfs
Jocelyn Emerson Vigil
Clayton Eshleman Nocturnal Veils
Carol Frost Rattler Bites Nightingale Sings // Man So Bronzed
Jeff Garrett 27
Sam Hamill 5 from Tao Te Ching
Nathan Hauke Fear of Falling
Cynthia Hogue In Distrust of Good
Eloise Klein Healy Memo: Folk Art 101
John Isles Arcade // City of Our Making // Cosmorama // Mythorama
Wayne Koestenbaum John Wayne's Perfumes // Brahms Quartet // How to Bend // Ballad of the Layette
Tanya Larkin Market Day // Hookey // Diana of the Selves // Queenright
Campbell McGrath Home // The Glann Road
Jane Mead Alleged Speculation // The Specter and His World are One
Sandra Miller what is the prison of this great bullet
Eileen Myles Therapy // unnamed New York
Bin Ramke The Naming of Shadows and Colors
Claudia Rankine On the bus two women argue...
Christopher Salerno Homesickness // Burying a St. Joseph in the Backyard // Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1799
Carol Snow after // but // in // respecting
Stephanie Young from The Postcard Poems
Karen Volkman Sonnet
Catherine Wagner Exercise 17 // Exercise 25 // Exercise 31 // Exercise 41
Rosanne Wasserman Grove // Joy // Forgetfulness
Matthew Zapruder Tonight You'll Be Able // Thank You for Being You

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