Göran Sonnevi  (translated by Rika Lesser)


from Mozart's Third Brain



                                                The wind of the darkness of the sea   In Mozart's
third brain music continues   Within its transparent niche-work   But we
are not concealed   We are everywhere the same   All people are particular
No one is nearer   More remote   War's thunderbolt shoots straight through the brain where-
ever we happen to be   We are all neighbors   In this growing connection
Will it also become a growing emptiness   A human vacuum that is
                                                                                        almost continual
genocide   The emptying continues   We are the mirror of this poverty
The curlews fly together, with short, drilling sounds, over the field



Mozart's brain rests already exploded, in all its shards—




How can I meet you on equal terms?   Only at the same eye level
But if it's impossible to calculate the position?  Then we'll have to meet in the impossible
The impossible is the lowest and the highest, simultaneously, not one
                                                                                    after the other


from Mozart's Third Brain:    CVI, CVII, CXI, CXII, CXIV, CXV, CXXX

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