Göran Sonnevi  (translated by Rika Lesser)


from Mozart's Third Brain



                                                                Will my time suffice?  For which
song, for which translation   We will all be carried over   With which ferry?
We emerge, liberated, from matter   That's how we create its freedom
We are in many worlds simultaneously   We are also in many brains. . .

We walk together through meadows of orchids; all the thousands
of flowers, all the night-scented orchids, the smaller, white, and the larger
yellowish green; all the fragrant orchids, their different colors, purple
to light creamy violet, a few disparate ones entirely white
The fly orchids, their purple-brown, insect-shaped flowers, these too
in different colors, degrees of lightness   The purple-lilac torches of the early marsh orchids
The burnt orchids, with their dark hoods   We walk there, as in the meadows of Hades,
but in the land of the living   We see the buzzard and the heron   The curlew circles
around us, crying warning   The redshank chick cries kleep-kleep, from the fence-
post toward the sea   When we get to the sea we see a flotilla of swans,
in the little bay to the north, on the stones in the distance cormorants sit

To whom does my brain belong?  With what can I or you resist?   Within me disorder
While my brain seeks its order, at almost any price. . .

All of us return to the dead   Now we visit their graves together
Sometimes I am alone   When I speak with the dead I am always alone
I speak with the dead in the language of the dead   I also speak with birds
The feelings are identical   But the dead can no longer think new thoughts. . .

from Mozart's Third Brain:    CVI, CVII, CXI, CXIV, CXV, CXVI, CXXVIII, CXXIX, CXXX

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review