Bin Ramke

Was It Fallen It Was a Floating World

Along the dangerous canals the storm found its way
and when the trees obeyed they grew
too much to bear to bare those leaves
descending slowly at first then slowly later

wind will intensely its tense engagement raise
with limbs of trees and an occasional human
to walk himself home no man walked

willingly, with the wind, all against, the women
were likewise walking in the natural order:
leaves falling,

trees falling, winds rising. Child, she, smaller
than most, skirted the littered streets
when it was over, the storm, the fall, the fanciful there.

Isaiah 51:16      And I have put my words in thy mouth,
and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand,
that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth

And then trees dismayed displayed
too much too bare; the leaves descended slowly
at first then slowly later.

Wind does rise to break little limbs of these
occasional walkers, humans hoping themselves home.
None walk with the wind, all against. Aghast

men and women provoke (invoking) the natural order: leaves fail,
trees fall, winds revise. Engaged as witness, she, smaller
than most, skirted the littered streets past

the storm, fell into a felicitous here where
Martin Heidegger who is dead once said:
“man is world-forming" and you know,

somebody had to; and he further said "the stone
is worldless" and he said "the animal is poor in world"
but Heidegger devotes his body to ideas

but consider the driest of animals
a lizard on a flat rock a world
for the wanderer. World forming, Consider,
from con  plus sider, star like constellation, a kind
of world. The alternative were and

world, old, old man worldly, were
and weary, an etymology…
fluffy world, soft soft softer.


It Was Fallen Was It a Floating World

Sleep on a hard bed, but a bed. Or rather, a narrow realm
of anguish, and sleep as a bitter residue of waking, a place,
a placement, a kind of depositing—deposit as in precipitate—
a life a precipitate of events and attitudes and biology.

Using small automated telescopes in Arizona and Hawaii,
the HATNet project has detected an object transiting one
member of the double star system ADS 16402 AB…
This system is a pair of G0 main-sequence stars. The planet,
designated HAT-P-1b, appears to be at least as large
in radius, and smaller in mean density,
than any previously-known planet.

That it is both the largest and the least dense of the nearly
two hundred worlds so far found outside our system, and
that it orbits one of a pair of stars in the constellation Lacerta,
(Lacerta: a small and inconspicuous northern constellation
(the Lizard), on the edge of the Milky Way
between Cygnus and Andromeda
about 450 light-years from Earth),
makes it a likely candidate for Heaven.

"This new planet, if you could imagine putting        Robert Noyes,
it in a cosmic water glass, it would float”                Smithsonian Astro-
                                                                             physical Observatory
Here? Hereafter.

Geology in Astronomy, each
planet precipitated itself out of its early self, each was once
light or wet and now grows dark or dense

early 16th cent.: from Latin praecipitat- ‘thrown headlong,’ from
the verb praecipitare, from praeceps, praecip(it)- ‘headlong,’ from
prae ‘before’ + caput ‘head.’ The original sense of the verb was
hurl down, send violently.

I find that I lose my patience lately and I am up and down with
my emotions. Yesterday was a dark day and I just cried off and on.
I don't know if I am de-pressed or if this is just a combination of
still healing from my surgeries, not enough sleep, my ovaries
being gone, etc. I'm tired of going to see doctors every week and
 just want to be left alone. Has anyone else experienced this
type of feeling? (a string, an internet help
site, a person asking. Just asking.)

If we are the angelic order then where what pillowed world will take us
and will it float again against the wind, a balloon of my own, or your
exhaled breath, kept and shaped this way, dangerously soft and billowed

but look, her skirt in the light breeze, her hair in the updraft, her breath
in the cold air a light behind and the boundaries broken, soft escape.

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review