Christine Hume



Stop at the window
Your thoughts are rabid
Outside one man is often a wolf
To another sweating in the meadow
Stop in sap and welter
Evolving wolves bulldoze
Your long thoughts heave
And lengthen on the long grass
Come down the cold hill stop
Take the moon out
To the river and its branch
Its curses slipping
On god knows nothing
Come through for me
Full grown through the thicket
This once stop at the thicket
Wolves despise a window
They overcouple themselves
In river water with straight murky
Hair whipping over rocks
Stop at the mood of rocks in dusk
Face shoved into the eddy
Watch it choke up a father
What do you mean you’re alone
Goddamn wolves
Watch ticking 24 times before
Come back more live than gifted
More ambush than nod-out
The sopping grass restirs
Its smell and stops
In the river two bodies wide
In a dream of seeing through only one eye

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review