Mary Jo Bang

F Is For Forgetting
How complicated it is? How are you?
Thank you too. And with this, forward we go.
There is so little part of forgetting
That makes up the total: silver
Oldsmobile on the Life page.
Time ago is jargon then.
Now, time to look at the dummy
At the table, his head slumped over
His cereal bowl. Look at him now. He’s on a stage.
He is silently sizing up the table he takes in
As he stares down. This is the world
When it’s reduced down to a moment.
The mind doesn’t halt but goes half way
Up in the mental elevator and then finds itself stuck.
This is the entirety. Eternity. Made of a material
That is unlikely to change but is forever.
Even when the eyes are closed they see the barricade. 
At the edge of a cliff is a brink. The sky is the color
Of blue that is on all the car windows
Defending their house and contents.

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review