Francisco Aragón

A Wave

of the past as I walk
by a window boarded-up

in winter and in

summer hot where
spiders lived and dust

filmed everything
in that storefront

that was his home. Or
a madcap air in May

or a combination
of words can bring

a voice to the surface
—it’s that the

thought of him
which, more today

than yesterday,
is like approaching

a grave. His calls
before my first visit

flickered weekly,
are ash now. Cities

changed their names:
Madrid became

Corning became Davis,
South Bend, Ar-

lington. I know
the beginnings   

and ends
of things. I

curb myself,
swallow what

cannot change.
But still, it is

there (he who
was torn

away no

needs). But isn’t
it time this grew

fruitful, time
I loose myself

and, though unsteady,
move on—the way

the arrow, suddenly
all vector

survives the string?


                     with Akhmatova and Rilke
                     for my father

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review