Tim Dlugos

  Photo by Dennis Cooper, circa 1980

Tim Dlugos (1950-1990) was a prominent younger poet who was active in both the Mass Transit poetry scene in Washington, D.C. in the early 1970s and New York’s downtown literary scene in the late seventies and eighties. His books include Je Suis Ein Americano (Little Caesar Press, 1979), A Fast Life (Sherwood Press, 1982), and Entre Nous (Little Caesar, 1982). He died of AIDS on December 3, 1990. In 1996, David Trinidad edited Powerless, Dlugos’s selected poems, for High Risk Books. Trinidad is currently editing a comprehensive selection of Dlugos’s poetry.

“NYC Diary” records a trip Dlugos made from Washington, D.C. to New York City January 2-4, 1974. His traveling (and sleeping) companions were poets Michael Lally and Terence Winch, and Ramon Osuna, owner of the Pyramid Gallery in D.C., where Lally curated a poetry reading series.




EPR #8:
NYC Diary • Note and Sonnet (for Ted Berrigan)

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