epr 8

F Is For Forgetting / Ghost and Grays / U As In Futile Pursuit
Dedication / Theme and Invariants
The Dead Man (Zine)

Charles Bernstein

You Say Insipid, I say Inscripsit / What Makes a Poem a Poem? / Up High Down Low Too Slow
Overland Wedding: May 21, 1850 / The Origin of Chinese Laundry in America: 1851 / Spring Vocative
Gersaint's Gallery
Gravid / Shad Roe
Century / Cinema
Untitled / Canto Four (from Descent of the Dolls)
from Spool
Two Romantic Individualists / A Face On a Milk Carton Filled with Ants
Thieving Life / Possible Movements in a Symphony Cut Off / Nine Lines for the Dead Cat on Bellevue Way
& starting to see unleafed
NYC Diary • Note and Sonnet (for Ted Berrigan)
Blue Window (10 a.m.) / Scissored In (3 p.m.)
My Lover Who Lives Far / Emergency Plan
Apiary II (Orphean) / Apiary V / Apiary XV
New Story / A Number
Exit / Dead Woman's Jewelry at an Estate Sale / Shroud
Summer Solstice
Artificial / Annals
Chicago: Pianola Roll / Spate
Two poems from Night-Jar: Before the dream, street-signs... / From field to hedge to field...
November Moon
Ardie's Story
Ambien Anthem / Apnea
Gospel, According to This Very Moment / The Arcadia Negotiations
After a Lifetime Spent in Air / To Adam
I'm Going to Rupert's Land
epr 8


At the Grave of Yvonne De Carlo / National Nudist Club Newsletter
Excerpt from Closen
Newel and Trim / Raw
Mozart's Third Brain, by Göran Sonnevi: Translations from the Swedish
The Toy Box of My Intentions
Canto Four (from The Descent of the Dolls)
Thous by the Thousands
Jane Miller Lisa once told me she was a jaguar... / Kate tells me the Rothko Chapel...
Little Arithmetic / Broken Sonnet
What Has He Got
Between Minsk and Pinsk
Confidence Man
Who Are Our Barbarians? (#1) / Who Are Our Barbarians? (#2) / A Severed Cow’s Head
Was It Fallen It Was a Floating World • It Was Fallen Was It a Floating World / Who is Dying / Lies
Butterfly / Lullay My Liking
from Helsinki: When I came to it was a place impossible... / The evidence against people not being tinged...
Not only in the dark / Opacity

Mary Ann Samyn

You Can Get Tea Towels Like That / Can You Say the Same?
Scraps of an Achilles / The New Gods / A Little Iliad
Safety Forever / Frequency Hopping / Mary Lou Williams Plays
Four Color Map / Hotel Terremar
Excerpts from Mozart's Third Brain
Versus Vega : Precessing / from Huracan’s Harp
The Re-Education of the Intellectuals
Parable of Day / Notes Toward Making / Character Development
What Call / How to Make a Game of Waiting
The Lushness of It / Invitation
Paris Hilton / The Collected Books of Jack Spicer
Canto Four (from Descent of the Dolls) / Note about Tim Dlugos
The Brook
Sonnet (Sleeping sister of a farther sky...) / Sonnet (The day-slate, erasing...)
The Mourning Dove / Sunday Morning Waking Up: on the 3,926
New Leash on Life / Walking on Sunshine / Name Spelled in Crocus, Name Spelled in Dawns
April Snow / Paper Toys of the World