EPR #8: Preview

To EPR Contributors:

The finale issue will be a large one, thanks to your generosity, and we expect it to be online by January 24. But first, we are asking for your help.

To proofread your pages, click on your name below:

(as a courtesy, we ask you to wait until January 24 to read other contributors' work, so that you'll see the poems as they would want to be seen).

1. Proofread your contributor's note and click on all the links on your pages, to make certain they work. The link to the cover page will be added later, just before the new issue goes online at http://epoetry.org

2. Click on the link to each poem title and proofread the poem (and check the links). If possible, look at your poem in more than one browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Camino, etc.). Look for differences in spacing and notice whether or not special characters (accent marks, ampersands, etc.) appear as they should. If you have published work in a previous issue of EPR that is not linked to your contributor's note, be sure to let us know so that we can add the link.

3. Send us a note in which you mention anything that should be changed (i.e. typos, spacing, broken links, or phrases that should be italicized). Please mention which browser you've been using to view the pages. After we've let you know that we've tried to fix the error, look at the pages again. NOTE: be sure to click on the "Refresh" button first, since otherwise the original version of the page may appear instead of the current version. If the pages look as they should, please let us know that too.

4. If you have revised your contributor's note or work since submitting it and would prefer that we use the new version, or if you would prefer we use a new photograph, let us know and we'll do our best to make the change by January 24.

5. If you notice anything awry (on your pages or elsewhere) after January 24, send a note to editors@epoetry.org and we'll try to fix the page or link as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

Sincerely yours,

The Editors
Electronic Poetry Review

Katherine Hazzard
D.A. Powell
Xu Smith



Poetry: [EPR 8 is now online and these links no longer work: please go to epoetry.org to check your pages]

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