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Francisco Aragón

To Madrid / A Wave

Mary Jo Bang
F Is For Forgetting / Ghost and Grays / U As In Futile Pursuit
Bruce Beasley
Dedication / Theme and Invariants
Marvin Bell

The Dead Man (Zine)

Charles Bernstein
You Say Insipid, I say Inscripsit / What Makes a Poem a Poem? / Up High Down Low Too Slow
Don Bogen
Geoffrey Brock
Overland Wedding: May 21, 1850 / The Origin of Chinese Laundry in America: 1851 / Spring Vocative
David Case
Gersaint's Gallery
John Casteen
Gravid / Shad Roe
Joshua Clover
Century / Cinema
Jeffery Conway
Untitled / Canto Four (from Descent of the Dolls)
Matthew Cooperman
from Spool
Christopher Davis
Two Romantic Individualists / A Face On a Milk Carton Filled with Ants
Rob Dennis
Thieving Life / Possible Movements in a Symphony Cut Off / Nine Lines for the Dead Cat on Bellevue Way
Shira Dentz
& starting to see unleafed
Trane DeVore
Tim Dlugos
NYC Diary • Note and Sonnet (for Ted Berrigan)
Sharon Dolin
Blue Window (10 a.m.) / Scissored In (3 p.m.)
Camille T. Dungy

My Lover Who Lives Far / Emergency Plan

Clayton Eshleman
Carol Frost
Apiary II (Orphean) / Apiary V / Apiary XV
Elisabeth Frost
New Story / A Number
Louise Glück
Rigoberto González

Exit / Dead Woman's Jewelry at an Estate Sale / Shroud

Jorie Graham
Summer Solstice
Richard Greenfield
Artificial / Annals
Katherine Hazzard
Spate / Launch Poem
Saskia Hamilton
Two poems from Night-Jar: Before the dream, street-signs... / From field to hedge to field...
Brenda Hillman
November Moon
Cynthia Hogue
Ardie's Story
Fanny Howe
Christine Hume
Ambien Anthem / Apnea
John Isles
Gospel, According to This Very Moment / The Arcadia Negotiations
Claudia Keelan
After a Lifetime Spent in Air / To Adam
Caroline Knox
I'm Going to Rupert's Land
Wayne Koestenbaum
At the Grave of Yvonne De Carlo / National Nudist Club Newsletter
Joshua Kryah
Excerpt from Closen
John Latta
Newel and Trim / Raw
Rika Lesser
Mozart's Third Brain, by Göran Sonnevi: Translations from the Swedish
Rachel Loden
The Toy Box of My Intentions
Gillian McCain
Canto Four (from The Descent of the Dolls)
Heather McHugh
Thous by the Thousands
Jane Miller
Lisa once told me she was a jaguar... / Kate tells me the Rothko Chapel...
Thylias Moss
Fred Muratori
Timothy O'Keefe
Little Arithmetic / Broken Sonnet
Alan Michael Parker
What Has He Got
Bob Perelman
Between Minsk and Pinsk
D. A. Powell
Confidence Man
Kevin Prufer
Who Are Our Barbarians? (#1) / Who Are Our Barbarians? (#2) / A Severed Cow’s Head
Bin Ramke
Was It Fallen It Was a Floating World • It Was Fallen Was It a Floating World / Who is Dying / Lies
Donald Revell
Butterfly / Lullay My Liking
Peter Richards
from Helsinki: When I came to it was a place impossible... / The evidence against people not being tinged...
Martha Ronk
Not only in the dark / Opacity
Kay Ryan
Mary Ann Samyn
You Can Get Tea Towels Like That / Can You Say the Same?
Reginald Shepherd
Scraps of an Achilles / The New Gods / A Little Iliad
Sean Singer
Safety Forever / Frequency Hopping / Mary Lou Williams Plays
Xu Smith
Four Color Map / Hotel Terremar
Göran Sonnevi
Excerpts from Mozart's Third Brain
Stephanie Strickland
Versus Vega : Precessing / from Huracan’s Harp
Adrienne Su
The Re-Education of the Intellectuals
Chad Sweeney
Parable of Day / Notes Toward Making / Character Development
Jennifer K. Sweeney
What Call / How to Make a Game of Waiting
Mary Szybist
The Lushness of It / Invitation
James Tate
Poem /
Craig Morgan Teicher
Paris Hilton / The Collected Books of Jack Spicer
David Trinidad
Canto Four (from Descent of the Dolls) / Note about Tim Dlugos
David Troupes
The Brook
Sam Witt
The Mourning Dove / Sunday Morning Waking Up: on the 3,926
Dean Young
New Leash on Life / Walking on Sunshine / Name Spelled in Crocus, Name Spelled in Dawns
Matthew Zapruder
April Snow / Paper Toys of the World

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