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January, 2008  



In order to recognize it name it before you know it.  —David Bromige



Marvin Bell : The Book of the Dead Man (Zine) 
Claudia Keelan : After a Lifetime Spent in Air 

Jorie Graham : Summer Solstice 
Kay Ryan : Spiderweb 

 Fanny Howe : Potential 
Dean Young : New Leash on Life 
Adrienne Su : The Re-Education of the Intellectuals 

Sean Singer : Safety Forever 
Camille T. Dungy : Emergency Plan  
                     Poetry A-Z

Gopal Balakrishnan : Interview with Joshua Clover

Mary Jo Bang : U As In Futile Pursuit
Heather McHugh : Thous by the Thousands 
Charles Bernstein : You Say Insipid, I Say Inscripit 

Kevin Prufer : Who Are Our Barbarians? 
Reginald Shepherd : Scraps of an Achilles 
Bin Ramke : Was It Fallen It Was a Floating World 


January, 2008

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