Wayne Koestenbaum

John Wayne's Perfumes

In Cast a Giant Shadow, John Wayne wore Claiborne Sport;
            in Flame of the Barbary Coast, Femme;
                        Dakota, Diorissimo.

In The Undefeated, John Wayne wore Unzipped;
            in Overland Stage Raiders, Opium;
                        Stagecoach, Snuff.

In The Alamo, John Wayne wore Anaïs Anaïs;
            in Jet Pilot, Joop Nuit d’Eté;
                        Chisum, Charlie.

In Barbarian and the Geisha, John Wayne wore Baby Doll;
            in Wake of the Red Witch, White Diamonds;
                        Baby Face, Boss.

In How the West Was Won, John Wayne wore Hugo Deep Red;
            in His Private Secretary, Halston Sheer;
                        Rio Lobo, Realities.

In Lady Takes a Chance, John Wayne wore Lucky You;
            in Sands of Iwo Jima, Sun Moon and Stars;
                        Hatari, Happy.

© 2005 Electronic Poetry Review