Carol Snow



the — post- — after: “the readiness is all”


William Shakespeare, Hamlet, act 5, scene 2







built a skeleton of twigs — in such as this — constellation — animation
     technique: electrodes/sensors
strategically placed on the face, body — * — …of the matter








the stones: their qualities in relation — ō — I mean to say — occurs;
like shock, occurs — is located








What's so funny? — serious, a serious breach — ": in me" — at least we were
       both looking at it — "When I look out the window,…" — "there were /
       farmers out working in the snow." — "…I see looking; when I look at you,
I see seeing." — both seeing it



Rainer Maria Rilke, "Requiem für Eine Freundin"; statement from a Koan workshop (opening); James McMichael, "Four Good Things"; statement from a Koan workshop (conclusion)

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