EPR #7
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Wilson Baldridge

Michel Deguy: Translations
Object Complements (December) // A Question for the Poem // Recumbents // On the Secret // Our Dwelling // That Which Assembles Prepares Resemblance // The Hopscotch Principle // To be free... // An die Musik // Letter to Gérard Bucher regarding On the Vision and the Riddle

Don Bogen Barcarole // Edge // Have To // Slash
Alfred Corn Solvents
Del Ray Cross from The Postcard Poems
Rob Dennis Nine Lines for the Dead Cat on Bellevue Way
Michel Deguy

Compléments d’objets (décembre) // Une question au poème // Gisants // Du secret // Notre demeure // Ce qui assemble prépare la ressemblance // Le principe de la marelle // Être Libre...// An die Musik// Letter to Gérard Bucher regarding On the Vision and the Riddle

Shira Dentz Leaf Weather
Ben Doyle What is the opposite of civilization // The great fig // I have too many scarfs
Jocelyn Emerson Vigil
Clayton Eshleman Nocturnal Veils
Carol Frost Rattler Bites Nightingale Sings // Man So Bronzed
Jeff Garrett 27
Sam Hamill 5 from Tao Te Ching
Nathan Hauke Fear of Falling
Cynthia Hogue In Distrust of Good
Eloise Klein Healy Memo: Folk Art 101
John Isles Arcade // City of Our Making // Cosmorama // Mythorama
Wayne Koestenbaum John Wayne's Perfumes // Brahms Quartet // How to Bend // Ballad of the Layette
Tanya Larkin Market Day // Hookey // Diana of the Selves // Queenright
Campbell McGrath Home // The Glann Road
Jane Mead Alleged Speculation // The Specter and His World are One
Sandra Miller what is the prison of this great bullet
Eileen Myles Therapy // unnamed New York
Bin Ramke The Naming of Shadows and Colors
Claudia Rankine On the bus two women argue...
Christopher Salerno Homesickness // Burying a St. Joseph in the Backyard // Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1799
Carol Snow after // but // in // respecting
Stephanie Young from The Postcard Poems
Karen Volkman Sonnet
Catherine Wagner Exercise 17 // Exercise 25 // Exercise 31 // Exercise 41
Rosanne Wasserman Grove // Joy // Forgetfulness
Matthew Zapruder Tonight You'll Be Able // Thank You for Being You

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