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Cover Art: Sculpture by Paul Bowen (Untitled, 1990, wood & tar, 84 x 82 x 22 inches, collection of Alan Dinsfriend)


Sally Keith: Marianne Moore’s “The Pangolin”: The Artist-Engineer and the Mystery in the Math
Martha Ronk: On Marianne Moore's "Those Various Scalpels"
Wayne Koestenbaum: A Note about Marianne Moore

A poetry tribute to Marianne Moore:

Jocelyn Emerson // Eloise Klein Healy // Cynthia Hogue // Wayne Koestenbaum // Karen Volkman

Michel Deguy: Translations by Wilson Baldridge

More Poetry:

Don Bogen // Alfred Corn // Del Ray Cross // Rob Dennis // Shira Dentz // Ben Doyle // Clayton Eshleman // Carol Frost // Jeff Garrett // Sam Hamill // Nathan Hauke // John Isles // Tanya Larkin // Campbell McGrath // Jane Mead // Sandra Miller // Eileen Myles // Bin Ramke // Claudia Rankine // Christopher Salerno // Carol Snow // Catherine Wagner // Rosanne Wasserman // Stephanie Young

Books Reviewed:

James Galvin / X / Reviewed by Rain Ananael
Michelle Naka Pierce and Veronica Corpuz / TRI/VIA / Reviewed by Jeremy Biles
Sally Keith / Design / Reviewed by Nadia Herman Colburn
Donald Revell / My Mojave / Reviewed by Nathan Hauke
Mary Szybist / Granted / Reviewed by Joshua Kryah
Donna Stonecipher / The Reservoir / Reviewed by Joshua Kryah
Brian Strang / Incretion / Reviewed by Rusty Morrison
Kevin Higgins / The Boy with No Face / Reviewed by Donna Potts
Peter Streckfus / The Cuckoo / Reviewed by Amy Schroeder
Alan Michael Parker / Love Song with Motor Vehicles / Reviewed by Craig Morgan Teicher
Gerhard Rühm, trans. by Rosmarie Waldrop / I My Feet/ Reviewed by Mark Tursi
Tony Hoagland / What Narcissism Means to Me / Reviewed by Scott Weiss

List of Books Received

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