John Latta


Hullydum optimum scorch to 'erre

And pupplische a sentence contrarie,'

Oh Jongleur of the Nail!

You spot an inhabitable moment,

English it into the world—

Two caribou thrill to sky-

Vault thirls and pause hoof-

Trepid in alarming occidental light.

Lichens stubble the hemispheric monument.

Bird-splash rakes the screed

Incise'd there, impenetrable list of

Pardonable deeds. Caught: one minimum

Incontestable rent in th'unexpressive he-

Stitchery of the ongoing song:

'Werrse & werrse drinnchess, &

Att te lattste drunncnenn be.'


Vanity and Gash
Music, Itch


© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review