Frances Presley

Frances Presley was born in 1952 in Chesterfield, and now lives in London. She studied modern literature, writing dissertations on Ezra Pound and Guillaume Apollinaire, as well as the contemporary French poet, Yves Bonnefoy. Her first collection of poems and prose was The Sex of Art (North and South, 1988), followed by Hula Hoop in 1993, and in 1997 Oasis Books published Linocut. She has collaborated with the artist Irma Irsara on a multimedia performance about women's clothing and the fashion trade, Automatic Cross Stitch, published in book form by the Other Press, 2000. She has also been involved in an email collaboration and performance with the poet Elizabeth James, Neither the One nor the Other (Form Books, 1999). Her latest book, Somerset Letters (Oasis, 2002) explores landscape and rural society. She has written various reviews and essays about her poetic practice and that of other women poets. She is on the editorial board of the e-magazine of women's experimental poetry, How2. Her current project, Paravane, originated with discussions on the How2 editorial board post 9/11.

EPR #6

Paravane day
9/2 prose of the Jubilee




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