Bill Griffiths

Bill Griffiths was born in Middlesex near London, England, in 1948. His first poems were published in Poetry Review under the editorship of Eric Mottram. In 1987, he studied Old English at King's College, London, obtaining a Ph.D. in 1987. This led to a fruitful co-operation with Anglo-Saxon Books in Norfolk, and many new titles, including an edition of The Battle of Maldon and a book on the complexities of Anglo-Saxon Magic. In 1990, he moved north and settled at Seaham on the Durham coast, where he has produced titles on local history, dialect and place-names.

His four latest poetry titles are Nomad Sense (Talus Editions, London, 1998), A Book of Spilt Cities (Etruscan Books, 1999), Ushabtis (Talus, 2001), and Durham and other sequences (West House Books, 2002). Currently he is Visitng Fellow at the Centre for Northern Studies, University of Northumbria. His home website is

The current poem on the Attica Prison riot was suggested by an article in a student magazine, Artvoice, picked up when visiting Buffalo University.


EPR #6:

The Attica Retribution




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