Allen Fisher

Allen Fisher has been involved in performance and writing poetry since 1962. A poet, painter, publisher, editor and art historian, he has produced over one hundred and twenty chapbooks and books of poetry, graphics and art documentation. He currently edits Spanner, lives in Hereford and is Head of Art at the Roehampton University of Surrey where he is Professor of Poetry & Art.

He has exhibited paintings in many shows including a one-man show at York in 1993 and two-man show in Hereford 1994 and examples of his work are in the Tate Gallery collection and the Living Museum, Iceland. Allen Fisher works with extended projects, the current one started in 1982. His books and chapbooks include: Bavuska (1969), Place (various books 1974-81), The Apocalyptic Sonnets (1978), Blood Bone Brain (installation and performance documentation)(1982), Unpolished Mirrors (1985), Brixton Fractals (1985), Stepping out (1989), Dispossession & Cure (1994), Civic Crime (1994), Breadboard (1994), Now's the time (1995), Fish Jet (1997), Ring Shout (2000). Future Exiles: 3 London Poets (1992), and Worlds of New Measure: An anthology of five contemporary British Poets (1997) provide substantial selections from his work. Clive Bush's book Out of Dissent (1997) devotes one chapter to the discussion of his work.

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