Paul Trachtenberg

Paul Trachenberg's poetry books include Short Changes for Loretta (1982), Making Waves (1986), Mercury Tea (1988), and Selected Poems (forthcoming). His laconic wit derives from his love for Walt Disney’s film and cartoon art and from his affection for popular cultural icons fostered by Hollywood, television, and the 1960's. His stints working at Disneyland as Paul the Pickle Man and as Paul the Candy Man continue to inspire him, though over his two decades of publishing poetry his themes have matured, even darkened. He lives in Southern California, where he was born, and shares his life with poet Robert Peters. He is an avid Scrabble player, and his monthly club The Tallulah Blankheads is now in its fifth year. He has also compiled a dictionary, Alphabet Soup: A Laconic Lexicon for Word Lovers (1997), and is working on a revised and expanded edition.

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