EPR #5
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Etel Adnan Jennine (French) //Jenin (English)
Bruce Beasley Elliptic Apologia and Ars Poetica // Apocrypha
Charles Bernstein Slap Me Five (with link to sound file)
Forrest Hamer Someone I know: #10 // #20 // #24
Kevin Larimer

USA Waste of New York City // Prosthetic Realism (2) // Prosthetic Realism (3)

Walt McDonald

The Rockies, Tooth and Claw // In Spring, the Cedar Waxwings

Heather McHugh Iquity
Leonard Kress Two poems after the Polish of Szymon Zimorowic: She Handed Me an Orange Before We Danced //
The Smuggler
Harriet Levin Wrought // Embodiment of a Passage //Survey of Debris
Walt McDonald

The Rockies, Tooth and Claw //In Spring, the Cedar Waxwings

Robert Peters

Sleeping in the Mojave Desert //It Takes Guts to Eat a Pet: Thanksgiving, Ohio, 1965

Kathy Lou Schultz from The Sonneteer
Ron Silliman On Brier Island // Trouble Ticket
Susan Stewart Forms of Forts
Mary Szybist Script Says Cry // Self-Portrait with a Bee in my Mouth
James Tate Loon // Nostalgia
Paul Trachtenberg Carmen Miranda's Hormonal Bash
Szymon Zimorowic Hipolit // Serapion (translated by Leonard Kress)

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