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Hart Crane: Essays by Aliki Barnstone, Michael Collier, Kevin Prufer & Sean Singer

Interview with David Trinidad (by D.A. Powell)

Translations: Szymon Zimorowic: translations by Leonard Kress


Etel Adnan // Bruce Beasley // Charles Bernstein // Forrest Hamer // Kevin Larimer // Walt McDonald // Heather McHugh // Harriet Levin // Robert Peters // Kathy Lou Schultz // Ron Silliman // Susan Stewart // Mary Szybist // James Tate // Paul Trachtenberg

Books Reviewed:

A Beaker: New and Selected Poems / Caroline Knox /reviewed by Mary Ann Samyn
Appetite: Food as Metaphor—An Anthology of Women Poets / edited by Phyllis Stowell and Jeanne Foster / reviewed by Ruth Tobias
Bandit Letters / Sarah Messer / reviewed by Arielle Greenberg
Cascadia / Brenda Hillman /reviewed by Arielle Greenberg
Everlasting Quail / Sam Witt / reviewed by Rob Dennis
the iceworker sings and other poems / Andrés Montoya / reviewed by Francisco Aragón
A Sacrificial Zinc
/ Matthew Cooperman / reviewed by Arielle Greenberg
So Often the Pitcher Goes to Water until It Breaks / Rigoberto González / reviewed by Francisco Aragón
V: WaveSon.nets/Losing L'una / Stephanie Strickland / reviewed by Fred Muratori

List of Books Received

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