Rachel Zucker

What Modest Wants

          so in there fractures which are not space but fractures


                                                "when the night did not make sense the baby broke it"
                                                "when the body couldn't hold it opened"

between meant and want          

                                               the yawn of the cutter aches and loosens


                          the smell of meat, the jaw human



inside a woman is always window


            shuttered or latticed or latched or shattered


and when it opens:                              

            conch, wine glass, tuba, funnel : shape of rimmed echo


                                   ribs reverb, abound, redound, she

            but is the true gray beneath shadow, before dawn


            perfect average film can't manage

            bowl filled, flawless; its still meniscus



where it will cover the embankment she dreams water


            wills the tents and trees
be: a mountain's afterthought


they are trying to get up again, these spirits

their sticks and dances and false humors


                                    but she won't have it

rather the edge, the linger, and with her eyes malign them

                                   a phage, she takes them,

                                  and up

          for they love and trust ornament


meanwhile the roof is the inverse or delve of modesty

                                    bosom peak of twilight


                        the ledge a gesture (romantic)
                                    confession: detail

                 failed catwalk



           the solar flare is formidable
in it freedom, decision

             —divorce, career, collage, flare! tennis, marinade; a salvaged boxspring rigged with
flashing bulbs—                    


            whereas the black flat, cilium only
the scales or spidery press of pollen are

            breath (desire) burned/ blasted



see through a stretched fin so long the eyes subtract
its thin striations:

                       overcast or brume or

            fish, memory







the pointe at which the satin toe meets stage
             is the axis of planet


                        mark, mark        

evergreens shrug their needles          


from space a ladder or portal onto:


                                        the figure is this and conquest


show, show, show, show

            the sun is all over the eye                    
                                    [his shape!]

                           no wonder a body wants, wants for flying


© 2002 Electronic Poetry Review