Matthew Cooperman

Pictures of Can Can

My could.
My could inside a ball

(a little particle
learned in school, "I was first, you are

sometimes a memory of flight."

Doris kicked the ball against the house.

The wall kicked back
a could.

Galileo thought up planets revolving a little,
which was Force, kinda vortextual
the memory of stasis

apostasy of center and veil

(or stability conjured
out of a papal glare). A bather's stare. A woman's
mound, a could.

Trillium thinking the ground is thin.

Obelisks, like magnets, something attracting
the fire at night, or the ore before

a ball with flight in its eyes.

A girl with kick in her sinews.

        "One of the best things going..."

a planet in air. Dark matter.
A cold could, irascibility cooling.

(Say the Dallas police with a kilo of sheetrock,

an Inuit hunter with a hunger for seal—

—two possibilities of two temperatures.
A kind of red neck or blue, "these geo steps

a lexical turn," changes of a can
to climb.

Meghan kicked the house against
removal. It is to hope

the stable and the fool, kind horse
of a stiff whip, what's necessarily

Let's cut the crud:

                 two directions of two parables,

the ball and the girl and eviction something

Then there's flight, the history of dance.

The history of agency ensconced.

The slim neutrino
freshing up a lull. Memory of effort
now a theory in two applications.

(X or XL.

A ball in two dimensions.
A could

something chewed into bubble.
Celestial orbit, it's trillium bloomed

into lingual. Said edifice.

Tina kicked the man into the house.
Now we're talking
                             (high stepping domestic terriers

the missing rib a fire of could
(womb in its round a seed can.


© 2002 Electronic Poetry Review