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Reginald Shepherd: Notes Toward Beauty


Six Excerpts from Clarivigilia Primaveral, by Miguel Ángel Asturias // translated from the Spanish by Robert W. Lebling
Sonnet with Ovid
, by Marina Temkina // translated from the Russian by Alfred Corn
Four poems by Rabindranath Tagore
// translated by Tony Stewart and Chase Twichell


Rae Armantrout // Gillian Conoley // Jeffery Conway // Lynn Crosbie // Jean Day // Trane DeVore // Ray Gonzalez // Paul Hoover // Joy Katz // Walt McDonald // Fred Muratori // Alan Michael Parker // Peter Richards // Matthew Rohrer // Reginald Shepherd // Gerald Stern // David Trinidad // Crystal Williams // Mark Wunderlich

Books Reviewed

The Chime by Cort Day · Heidi Peppermint
Harrow by Elizabeth Robinson · David Hadbawnik
House of Poured-Out Waters by Jane Mead · Ken Rumble
Juice by Renee Gladman
· Rusty Morrison
Microclimates by Taylor Brady · David Hadbawnik
Symbiosis by Barbara Guest
· Carla Hall
by Claudia Keelan · Heidi Peppermint
Walking Light: Memoirs and Essays on Poetry by Stephen Dunn · Robert Miltner
Zirconia by Chelsey Minnis · Arielle Greenberg

List of Books Received

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