Electronic Poetry Review was founded in 1995, by Katherine Hazzard and D. A. Powell. The final issue was published in January, 2008. The editors would like to thank all those who have contributed work and words to the journal over the years.


EPR 1-7: Katherine Hazzard & D. A. Powell
EPR 8: Katherine Hazzard, D. A. Powell & Xu Smith

Book Review Editor:

EPR 6 & 7: Xu Smith

Technical Editors:

EPR 1: Afan & Davi Ottenheimer
EPR 2-7
: Emily Johnston
EPR 8: Katherine Hazzard (& thanks to Sean Smith)

Editorial Assistants:

EPR 4-6: Brooks Gervais
EPR 7: Melissa Poulsen

All questions should be sent to the editors at editors@epoetry.org



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