Martin Corless-Smith

Mutability Chorus

Like to Narcissus on the grassy shore
seeing his outward face upon that face
as he looks still his face appears
under its surface an expressionless display

fish beneath that one fish beneath this
expanse onto which we witness all
the surface beneath
above nothing will fall

Cousin! red shoes—abuse
a cook sings in his kitchen
the blues
the argument

this along the rim we walk
& the sun, well now
all the western change I passed
my passing shadow marvel'd on the wall (one ill anchovy)

alone the cooling stream spoke one
though at that the shadow is the stream
our sinning was hermaphrodite
nor time permit me understand

veils his face the fly
the gnat upon some cliff
the word ascended from the pile
these in the ceaseless film

I bent forward to see
the flame arrive
see, how toward it with desire I bend

to explore the world
to inherit me

I sailed into the illimitable main
with one cleav'd bark
as far as the next shore each isle beside
where my companions where we came

refuse no proof of the unpeopled world
the mind of my associates our oars
our lows the ocean floor
Joy turned to morning the new land

suppose some reason had befallen
(there was reason to suppose)
explorers of the ocean
we left ourselves

because it does not run we left ourselves
between the skeggs also I hurt myself

perhaps there dove as soon as I appear
yes with eyes to follow them

fires son them
wrap yourself already
with gentle Roman seed
you cried yourself within

you are two within a foci
I deserved you while I lived
I have to become the expert of the world
put me before the open sea

you do not want to deny the back of the soul
the words in focus or you saying it
the branches green it was found again
between I slowly and I mount

my answer was to a person
who never returned to the world
I hear that it replaced me first
and later changed its shape

and yes I looked at myself
I reached the part of mine where every would have to decrease


Flowes Forward


© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review