Lisa Lubasch

Ordering Things, 2



Given our desire, a valve, allowing the passage of time

            through the form or figure

This is one way


Though we may think of ourselves as vanished occupants

of a given space,

            we are

  lingering, given

to motion, and preoccupied with value


This is the terrible argument, which,

in its range, resembles

The motion of straying from it


One manner of identifying the game of the universe,

This order is, at times, a rejection of form.





Directing the form,


seeing it, while suspending our



Such a motion keeps

blurring into form


Without thinking of joining the world with its copy,


  describing a form,

            a preoccupation


In a word, the condition of its intensity, blazing across a field






    living and beseeching,

locating the figure, meeting,

Encountering the subject,

reinventing the trail,


To discern the field

as a desire


We live in sequences

of given moments of remorse,


Our fear,           solitary,



This is the way


We concern ourselves with persons, curtaining



As originary desires carry us through

                                                                                    our names,


Carry themselves away

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