Harriet Tarlo


under the green line

under branches bending

landing blue tits


white through magpie flight

fullfrost fullmoon

between frost and spring           february

new dandelions


snow on ridges, holme moss


                        sidesnow it began straight past the house and down the lane

                                                at the back, it flattened against windows


change of light’s still pale           march

                        aircold under

                        shadows trees over

                        nab in

                        low sun


what is that pale over

and shadow across?


                                                gradations of colour

                                                shafts of light up to


                                                as in sky


                                                                                    tell me if you see any good sticks

                                                                                    said the boy


last snow




march                           walking into the sun

                                    snowdrops frost-closed



                                    cows staring in line


leaves like bird

bird-leaves falling

                                                                                    from the road    this nab is

flatter, sloping gentle




cows at grass  at  head level

            above the path              eye sight

                                                shifts sky         



dark hides hair

                        in a corner

                        bellies brown dewlaps

            tails flicking                   two split off begin        

                        calling across                            path to chorus

            standing up       casting              shadow

                                                against       each other              




                                                wall black bites

                                    the field

                                    white crosses stone water


                                    crisis over each step


            grass in mud under





rowing their swag
early and grass


© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review