Francisco Aragón


the noun

A disease
of the peach tree
—a fungus

distorts leaves.
The first time
I was taken

to see him
I was five
or six. A vesicle

on the skin
serum, caused

by friction,
a burn, or other
injury. He lived

on Alabama Street
next to Saint
Peter's and wore

a white t-shirt,
starched and snug.
A similar swelling

with fluid
or air
on the surface

of a plant,
or metal
after cooling

or the sunless
area between
one's toes

after a very
long walk.
Don't ask me

how it is I
ended up
holding it.

An outer
fitted to a

vessel to protect
against torpedos,
mines, or to improve

stability. My guess
is that he
brought it out

to show me
thinking, perhaps,
I had never

seen one
up close,
let alone felt

the blunt weight
of one
in my hands.

A rounded

from the body
of a plane.
What came

next: no
image but
sensation of

its hammer
(my inexpert

into but not

skin—the spot
at the base
of my thumb

slowly filling
with fluid...

In Spanish:
an Ampul

of chrystal
in the Middle
Ages could be

a relic containing
the blood
of someone

holy. I'm fairly
certain it wasn't


Poem with Citations from the O.E.D.


© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review