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Essay:  Ron Silliman: The Desert Modernism

Interview:  Bob Perelman interviewed by Nagy Rashwan and Nicholas Zurbrugg

Translations:  Three Poems by Volker Braun (translated by Cecilia Rohrer and Matthew Rohrer)


Matthew Cooperman // Mark Doty // Clayton Eshleman // Rigoberto Gonzalez // Saskia Hamilton // Matthea Harvey // Christine Hume // Rachel Loden // Sheila Murphy // Bob Perelman // Elizabeth Robinson // Tim Seibles // Ron Silliman // Cole Swensen // Tom Thompson // Susan Wheeler // Sam White // Rachel Zucker (with art by Lynn Heitler)

Books Reviewed:

The Boy Who Catches Wasps by Duo Duo · Kazim Ali
The Captain Lands in Paradise by Sarah Manguso · Charlotte Mandel
Dovecote by Heather Fuller · Ken Rumble
by Liz Waldner · Chris Pusateri
The Finger Bone by Kevin Prufer · Rob Dennis
Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You by Juliana Spahr
· Chris McCreary
Inside the Yellow Dress by Mary Ann Samyn · Lynn Domina
o-d-e by Joel Chace · David Berg-Seiter
Spinoza in Her Youth by Norma Cole · Patrick F. Durgin
Telling It Slant: Avant-Garde Poetics of the 1990s / edited by Wallace Mark and Steven Marks · Ken Rumble
Veil: New and Selected Poems by Rae Armantrout · Fred Muratori
Winter Sex
by Katy Lederer · Paul Stephens
World's Tallest Disaster by Cate Marvin · Aaron Belz

List of Books Received

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